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When I decided to start this blog, the purpose was twofold.  First, I wanted to keep people informed about Reach’s progress.  Not only can we share our successes, but we can direct people here to hear our story.  Additionally, it helps me, on a personal level, to answer the question: what do you do on a daily basis?  A question that I get every day.  The second purpose of this blog is to serve as a resource for other entrepreneurs.  What are the challenges?  What do you actually have to do to start up?  What does launching a nonprofit actually look like?  This is something I felt like was sorely lacking in my previous experience and education.  It’s that second purpose I’d like to speak to today.  I want to speak to the entrepreneurs.  

Everyone who has considered starting a nonprofit has heard the speech.  It’s hard.  It’s scary.  There will be days when you want to quit.  Sometimes it’s the little things that pile up.  For the first time, I’m facing a really big wall.  Right now, Reach’s bank account doesn’t have the funds necessary to cover payroll next week.  Beyond the feelings of failure this brings up as an organizational leader, this is obviously scary, for me, on a personal level as well.  These are tough times.  I remain confident in our mission, but I also understand people’s concerns about donating to start up ventures.  This fear will stifle innovation.  It’s dangerous.
Additionally, the little problems cause bigger problems.  For example, the internet at my apartment was out yesterday.  Given the amount of work that I do online (communicating with donors, researching curricula, scheduling meetings), this was crippling.  It was incredibly frustrating to lose work time during such a high pressure situation.  It’s been tough to sleep this week.  It’s an incredibly lonely place to be.  There are so many people who have shown interest in Reach’s work; however, there is only one person whose life is influenced so dramatically by the ups and downs.  That is the battle of the entrepreneur.  That is the scary part of this work.  I will move forward, and we will succeed.  The work is hard, and the sleepless nights are real.
Thanks, as always, for reading.
Founder and President – Reach, Inc.
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  1. Kathy
    Posted September 1, 2009 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    do you want a pep talk even if i know full well that you know all the things i would say (probably better than i do)? lunch tomorrow. we'll commiserate. and you will–absolutely–succeed.

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