My work falls nicely into three categories: organizational management, fundraising, and program design. I spend my hours either addressing these issues, or learning how I can address them more effectively. This week, we’ve had exciting events in all three categories.

On Monday, I spent several hours in Kelly Emminger’s classroom at King Elementary School in Southeast Washington DC. Recently, with the guidance of Alana McDonough, a classmate from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, I have read several major reports on literacy research and instruction. Visiting Kelly’s class was an incredible opportunity to see research put into practice. She is an excellent teacher, and she effectively addresses every aspect of literacy instruction to create a comprehensive literacy program for her students. The students benefit from her instruction every day, but on Monday, I was lucky enough to benefit as well.
I also received word this week that I’ll be meeting with Ellen Malcolm, Founder of Emily’s List. Ellen has extensive experience raising money for political campaigns, and I think she will be helpful in developing Reach’s capacity to form a true coalition of supporters. ¬†She’s been incredibly successful. ¬†Specifically, she works for a cause that she feels deep in her soul. I’m hoping she can help me answer the question, “why should I care?” Sometimes it’s hard to step back far enough to provide an adequate answer when my work is such a part of me. I really am looking forward to her assistance in addressing this significant issue of organizational development and management.
Finally, Reach received our largest single-year pledge to date last night. Jen and Chris Myers have indicated their plans to donate $3,000 to Reach’s launch efforts. Jen is a high school classmate of mine, and her husband, Chris, wears #55 for the Houston Texans. We are hugely appreciative of their generosity as we continue to move closer to our 2009 fundraising goals!
Thanks, as always, for reading.
Founder and President – Reach, Inc.
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