Big Money, Small Money

Sometimes lunch changes the way you think about the world; today was one of those days. This afternoon, I was given the opportunity to attend the annual luncheon for The Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers. The event was an exciting networking opportunity. I enjoyed having the opportunity to meet nonprofit leaders like Deb Gottesman of The Theater Lab School of the Dramatic Arts. Additionally, I was able to introduce myself to some of DC’s most active philanthropists, including Richard England of the England Family Foundation. Beyond these networking opportunities, it was wonderful to hear the provoking address given by Dan Pallotta. Dan discussed the constraints placed on the nonprofit world by a simple question: what percentage of my donation goes to the cause? He made a very compelling argument that by discussing “overhead” – and the associated negative connotations – we actually inhibit the nonprofit sector by preventing competitive salaries and investment in infrastructure. He makes a very strong case that we should be considering impact or results, not “efficiency.” The fact that we encourage people to ask about organizational efficiency distracts donors from considering the factors that are truly important.

After sitting in a room with DC’s philanthropy community, I turned my attention to a smaller income source. Reach is excited to announce that our first DC event will take place on Tuesday, December 8th, on the deck of Cleveland Park Bar & Grill.  While the space holds about 60-70 people, we look forward to cycling through more than a hundred between 6pm and 10pm. We will have a great event up on the heated and enclosed deck, and we look forward to sharing details with you as they become available. 
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