How are we different?

When speaking about Reach’s launch efforts, it is imperative that I be able to set Reach apart from the other program’s currently working Washington DC. I regularly hear about the work being done by The Higher Achievement Program, Heads Up, Horton’s Kids, and For Love of Children All four of these programs do good work, but Reach is different, and it’s important that we be able to explain why we will provide a unique service in DC’s education space.

Reach is unique in four specific ways. First, we will provide high-quality literacy remediation at both the elementary and high school level, whereas most programs focus solely on younger students. Second, our intervention specifically targets those students whose reading abilities fall in the bottom quartile when compared to their peers. Third, our program simultaneously addresses the academic needs of two populations through a single, comprehensive program thereby efficiently using scarce resources. Finally, Reach addresses motivation and capacity through an incentive laden compensation system that will encourage effort and engagement.

While I generally look at these unique aspects of our program as a strength, the current focus in the education world is on replication of proven models. This begets the implied question: why don’t you do what is already being done? If we, as a society truly believe that all students deserve a quality education, then we need to provide supports for all our students – even those that have previously failed. Reach’s focus on those students that have experienced previous academic failure is a necessary component of a comprehensive approach to producing a literate student body. We owe it to our kids to provide a new kind of program. We look forward to providing a more just academic experience for those students who have previously been failed.

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Founder and President - Reach, Inc.

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