Mixed Signals.

Who to believe? I often find myself going from meeting to meeting. In these encounters with educators, administrators, and funders, I often hear contradictory statements about DC’s education scene. A school can be both the best and the worst, depending on who is speaking. Some people love the scrappy upstarts, while others truly believe in the larger, well-branded non-profits. While there is clearly learning to be done from all organizations, it’s fascinating to try to develop a filter for all the information I take in on a daily basis. Who should I believe? Can they all be right?

In good news, it’s November 5th, and we’ve really started this month strong. In only five days, we have received our largest individual donation and our largest corporate pledge. We continue to build momentum towards our goals. Can you, or someone you know, help? Join our efforts to help DC’s students.
Thanks, as always, for reading.
Founder and President – Reach, Inc.
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