The Power of We

During a conversation with a Reach supporter recently, I heard someone say, “it really feels like we’re making some progress.” Then, looking at me sheepishly, he went on, “I guess I shouldn’t be saying we. You’re the one doing the work.” At that point, I happily told him that I thought he was entirely incorrect. At this moment, I am Reach’s only employee; however, I often use the term “we” when talking about the work. While many people have questioned me about this word choice, I continue to believe that our 250 donors, 4 Board members, and countless partners are all part of Reach as well.

The true buy in of Reach supporters has helped us immensely in two ways recently. Tomorrow, I will work with accountant Linda Collyer to set up a more appropriate system for financial record keeping. Linda is working with us free of charge because someone told her they truly believe in Reach. Additionally, we will have an introductory meeting with Akin Gump next week. Akin has agreed to act as legal advisors to Reach. Again, this was based on a Reach supporter approaching a partner to say he really believed in our work.

So many people want to help, but they often feel like they don’t know who to help. That’s why your words matter. Many people want to give – both financially and through service. Your words can convince them that Reach could use both their dollars and their skills effectively and efficiently.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

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