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What This Money Means

In the last three weeks, Reach has received a number of significant gifts: $5,000 from the Luther I. Replogle Foundation on November 10th. $5,000 from the CityBridge Foundation on November 11th. $65,000, over two years, from the Snave Foundation on November 19th. $20,000 from Monica & David Dixon on November 27th. $1,000 from the NEA […]

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Nothing Can Stop Them

When working in education, we often hear talk about “social factors.” Poverty, crime, and family stress are often part of the discussion. Those of us that work in the reform field have the privilege of being able to speak about such issues with an academic distance – it is not our reality. Occasionally, however, these […]

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Small Victories

Running a nonprofit organization is exhausting. The repetitive nature of teaching is also exhausting – finishing one lesson only means you must start another. Neither offers a finish line. The combination sometimes leaves me feeling quite drained. During those times, small victories really give me the energy to move forward and continue building. In the […]

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Meet Our Tutor: Brandon

“They’re screaming my name!” These are the first words out of Brandon’s mouth when he enters the room. A very personable young man, many of our elementary school students shout Brandon’s name when he enters the room. He makes them all feel that he’s excited to see them, and they feed his ego – mutualism […]

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Big Decisions

We have been incredibly lucky in our first year and a half of existence. While so many nonprofit organizations are struggling to confront this challenging economy, we have built a strong foundation of financial support that allows us to focus on our important work. We have built a relationship with Hyde Leadership and 45 of […]

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Some More Pics

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Setting Limits on Setting Limits

When training our tutors, we discussed appropriate limit setting. We also made it very clear that corporal punishment was entirely unacceptable. But, in recent weeks, this issue has really become an important focus of my thinking. Let me be clear – none of our tutors have used corporal punishment. We haven’t had any such issues […]

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Torn Down, Built Up

I often have meetings that I know will not lead to any immediate financial support. These meetings are intended to establish a relationship and make people aware of our work. Last week, I had two such meetings with significant players in DC’s funding community. The meetings were very different in tone. Tuesday: While definitely interested […]

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