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Meet Our Student: Aaron

At the beginning of each session, Aaron needs a little guidance to get focused. Once that energy is harnessed, Aaron is a constantly-improving reader. Recently, tutors have been focusing on providing direct feedback to students. Additionally, program instructors have worked to provide appropriate comprehension tools to our tutors. This way, tutors can more explicitly focus […]

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Board Planning

This weekend, Reach’s Board of Directors will meet to discuss the organization’s plan for future growth. While not a formal strategic planning session, this will be the board’s first opportunity to develop a shared vision for the future. First, the board will receive an update based on the following outline: Fundraising Report (Fiscal Year To […]

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Today’s Plan

A lack of routine begets a lack of consistency. After having such a wonderful tutoring day on Thursday, Monday’s training session was entirely disappointing. For the first time, I dismissed my tutors early – letting them know that I thought everyone’s time was being wasted. Today, they’ll hear from me – something like this: Yesterday […]

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When It Works.

Since returning from Winter Break, it’s been somewhat challenging to settle back into Reach’s routine. Since returning from break, weather has caused Reach to be canceled twice, and we missed an additional day due to Dr. King’s day. Kids thrive on routine, so January has been tough. But today, some great things started happening. Jaylin […]

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If Reach fails…?

The Echoing Green Semi-Finalist application is no small exercise. Among the challenging questions asked, one was particularly challenging: “What might you wind up doing if this organization doesn’t work out as planned?” Part of me wanted to respond by simply saying, “We won’t fail.” Or, even better, “Reach will survive and thrive.” I truly believe […]

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The Last 24

Occasionally, people ask what my days are like – it’s not always easy to know what goes into launching a start-up. So, as I’ve done in the past, I want to share a bit about the last 24 hours. January 12th: 12pm: Assembled storage cabinet for use as classroom library at Hyde Leadership. 1pm: Scanned […]

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The Surprising Science of Motivation

Learning is an iterative process. Reach’s youth allows a high degree of malleability – when we recognize something needs to be changed, we change it. As organizations get larger and organizational norms become established, this becomes more challenging. For this reason, I feel a significant amount of pressure to get things right. While I know […]

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Exciting News

Reach is again a semi-finalist in the Echoing Green Fellowship Competition. Of 2,854 applications, only 224 organizations – about 8% – were selected to move forward!

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