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The March Multiplier

Despite the challenging economy, Reach has had tremendous success in securing necessary funds for our first year of programming. Looking toward the addition of a second program site this fall, our funding needs will increase significantly. Building on our early success and the generosity of our loyal supporters, we have no doubt that we will […]

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Data Breakdown


At the end of the 2nd quarter, we had our first opportunity to evaluate the improvement of our tutors. While we recognize the need to provide additional data about tutor reading level, this academic data provides a first glance at the performance of our tutors. Based on a 4.0 Scale – Average 1st Quarter GPA: […]

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Climbing Higher

Reach measures success in many ways. The first semester recently came to a close, so we have been looking at the progress that our tutors made from the 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter. While not every one of our students improved, some of our students demonstrated really significant growth. Today, I want to recognize […]

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Responding to Feedback

In recent weeks, I’ve been asking the tutors for feedback regarding training sessions. Our tutors have reported that training sessions can be a little boring, so I’ve been experimenting with some different formats to engage and excite our high school students. Today, after a brief vocabulary activity, I introduced A Wreath for Emmett Till by […]

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Meet Our Tutor: Chynna

Recently, I had the honor to nominate one of Reach’s tutors for DC Lawyers for Youth’s Young Achievers Program. Read the nomination below: Taylor enters the room each day with the same two words, “Where’s Chynna?” Chynna generally enter moments later, and Taylor’s face breaks into a big smile. Chynna, a Deanwood resident and 9th […]

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Dreaming of the Future

This weekend, many passionate people will arrive in DC to attend Teach for America’s 20th Anniversary Summit. Once, like Reach, TFA was a young nonprofit trying to create impact. We have all seen the organization explode in recent years, becoming one of the premier employers of recent college graduates. For me, it’s impossible to hear […]

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One Decision, Four Frames

As a student in the School Leadership Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Bolman and Deal’s Four Frames Framework was often used to analyze organizational decisions. The framework suggests looking at strategic decisions through four different lenses: structural, symbolic, political, and human resources. Through this approach, one can analyze decisions and predict resistance. During […]

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