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When NonProfits Die

Recent conversations about budget cuts have been scary to many in the nonprofit community. It seems, without question, that the cuts to social services will be deep and harmful. On one side, conservatives feel that many government-supported social service programs are inefficient and ineffective. On another, liberals argue that these services are necessary for the […]

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Morality in Philanthropy

In recent weeks, I have read a great deal on about morality in philanthropy. This conversation, in my mind, is long overdue. Our reliance on data creates an inherent pressure to chase the outcomes that most easily show progress. This creates a number of concerns, including one outlined by Gara LaMarche in his 2010 speech […]

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2011 New Fellows Retreat

Last night, I returned from an amazing five-day experience – the 2011 Echoing Green New Fellows Retreat. It was an intensive experience full of 16-hour days, yet I feel more energized than I have in months! The 2011 fellows are an INCREDIBLE group of individuals doing meaningful work across the globe. It is nearly impossible […]

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Growing Our Team

This week, Reach Incorporated announced our first job opening. I’m very excited that we’ll be adding a new position: Program Associate – Evaluation & Improvement. In addition, we’ll be adding two Site Directors to run the day-to-day operations at our two program sites. Our team is going from 1 to 2.5, and this will allow […]

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The Social Animal

Recently, I had the opportunity to read The Social Animal by David Brooks. Brooks uses a fictional narrative about two characters – Harold and Erica – to delve into the “building blocks of human flourishing.” While the book covers the entire human lifespan, I paid particular attention to the adolescent years. Seeing such a comprehensive […]

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