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New Board Member: Leslie Adler

Reach Incorporated is excited to announce the addition of our newest board member, Leslie Adler. Leslie, a resident of the District of Columbia, currently works in Corporate Development and Innovation for Choice Hotels. Prior to her work with Choice Hotels, Ms. Adler served as Senior Analyst for Asset Management and Director of Acquisitions & Development […]

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Big Ideas

My dad was famous for returning from conferences with lots of “big ideas.” Given a few moments to think about some of the larger issues impacting his practice, he would return to work energized and excited. This generally resulted in a significant list of tasks for his associates. Having recently returned from the BoardSource Board […]

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Our Growing Team

Today, we launch our second year of programming. Serving 80 – 100 students, we will be operating at two sites, Perry Street Prep Public Charter School and Eastern Senior High School. Last year, I ran our program at our first site. However, because I can’t be present in two places at once, we are excited […]

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Becoming a Republican?

As I walked out of my apartment the other day, I ran into my landlord. A full-time real estate broker, he has extensive experience running his own business. Having talked with him previously about the organization being built in my basement apartment, I told him about some of our recent progress. Him: Wow, an office […]

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Signing on from 218 D Street SE!

There have been a lot of major steps in Reach’s development, but today’s steps feel like the biggest we’ve experienced thus far. Today was both Jusna’s first day on the job and our first day in our new offices – I may post pictures, but not until we actually have furniture. I would have no […]

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