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Meet Our Tutor: Dana

I’ve been asked many times whether we turn anyone away. Is there anyone that we feel uncomfortable working with? Generally, I answer the same way: “We won’t know that until we’re confronted with a specific situation. I believe in the ability of our tutors to handle challenging cases, but we’ll have to make sure that […]

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Building Community Through Curriculum

Reach’s model focuses on academic skill development and student engagement. However, we also want to focus on building community – having students understand that they can both give and receive support. Our tutors have often faced previous academic struggles, so they may not see themselves as assets to the larger community. While our model treats […]

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Unsectored: Teachable Moment Missed

The post below was originally published on a new blog, UnSectored, of which I’m honored to be a part. The new blog is best explained by Founder Jeff Raderstrong: “In the shadow of the nation’s Capitol, there are those working towards social change in ways that cut across sectors and elevate the dialogue beyond a […]

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Emerging Thoughts

Usually, I aim for clarity and brevity in these blog posts. Today, I promise neither. I’ve become a “yeah, but…” guy. We now live in a world that understands the urgent need for education reform. We have funders dedicating millions of dollars to scaling educational solutions. It’s become cool, for even the most highly achieving […]

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