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Meet Our Tutor: Victor

Victor is one of the nicest kids with whom I’ve ever had the privilege to work. Beyond being polite, he looks me in the eye and shakes my hand each time he seems me at Eastern. But, his honesty stands out above these other characteristics. I’ll never forget my first impression of Victor. On his […]

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Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

Reach’s office is in a building inhabited by a number of other nonprofit organizations. Outside our office door, we regularly hear people being trained in canvasing (“Hi, do you have a moment for the environment?…”). Each day, they set goals about how much money they’ll raise and how many new members they’ll register. As they […]

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Recoup Partnership

Yesterday, Reach Incorporated officially entered a partnership with Recoup, a website that allows you to support nonprofit organizations through your purchases. Like Groupon and Living Social, which have become so popular, Recoup provides group-buying discounts. Unlike the more traditional sites, a portion of your purchases on Recoup go to the nonprofit organization of your choice. […]

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Meet Our Tutors: Kyare

Kyare’s smiling as two girls fight over him. What young man wouldn’t want girls fighting over him, right? What makes this situation unique, however, is that the girls are both elementary school students from Payne Elementary School. And Kyare, a 9th grade student at Eastern Senior High, is being fought over because he’s such a […]

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Meet Our Student: Charnell

Charnell was causing problems. For two consecutive sessions, he had been involved in physical altercations with other students. Frustrated, I got an e-mail from our Site Director. “I think we need to ask Charnell to leave the program,” she said. “He’s out of control, and I’m not sure what else we can do.” Our tutoring […]

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