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Start With Why

Kony2012. Trayvon Martin. At this point, you’ve likely heard of both. One took the internet by storm due to a video produced by Invisible Children. The other was more of a slow burn. Weeks after Trayvon’s death, the news media is beginning to tell the story of a young boy killed by a neighborhood watch […]

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Journalism and Journopalooza

This week, for the first time, Reach Incorporated was featured in The Washington Post. John Kelly’s “In DC, Reach Inc. Explores Tutoring as a Two-Way Street” was a stellar description of the work we’re doing in DC schools. The article was exciting to see – as a founder, it occasionally takes events like this to […]

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Meet Our Tutor: Binetou

In September 2010, while trying to recruit students for a brand new program, I depended heavily on the teachers at what was then called Hyde Leadership Public Charter School (now Perry Street Prep). Ms. Butler, the 9th grade English teacher, made some strong recommendations – students who had been struggling in the first few weeks […]

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(L)Insanity in the NonProfit World

We’ve all heard about Jeremy Lin recently. His journey from his brother’s couch to the Knicks starting line-up has been well documented. In all the hoopla about this hoopster, an important lesson is being missed. New York Times columnist Howard Beck produced a gem in his recent article entitled, The Evolution of a Point Guard. […]

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