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Board Transitions

Reach Incorporated takes board development seriously. Guided by our Board Chair, Mike Young, we have made serious efforts to build a board with the skills to create our future. In recent weeks, we have come to terms with losing two of our wonderful founding board members. At the same time, we have elected two new […]

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Organizational Courage

I’m proud of Reach’s Board of Directors. At a recent board meeting, the group was tasked with approving a FY2013 budget and fundraising plan. As many of you know, a Board of Directors is responsible for the organization’s fiscal health. They have a duty to ensure that the organization manages money appropriately. Too often, this […]

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Video: Year In Review

What does it look like when our tutors and students come together to read? Check out our Year In Review to find out!

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Ten Percent Time

Ten percent time is pretty simple: The idea is to foster creativity by letting everybody spend 10% of their time developing their own ideas, as long as its got something to do with our work. So, how does 10% time work at Reach Incorporated? Each Reach job description includes 10% time. It is part of […]

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