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Meet Our Tutor: Rashaan

Over the last two weeks, Rashaan has been my hero. Seriously. Two weeks ago, our cohort at Eastern was discussing a particularly challenging student. Some of our tutors seemed troubled by the fact that he had such difficulty reading. “But, it’s not like he’s stupid. He’s a smart kid,” they’d say. We explained that reading […]

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There’s Power in Numbers

Reflections on Difficult Conversations Kate Patton, Program Director There’s power in numbers. There’s power in numbers because people working together are greater than they can ever be working apart.  It’s why we build strong teams, pair tutors and students, value relationships above all else, and believe in the incredible potential of human connection. There’s power […]

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She Said What?

We have long understood the effect of expectations on student performance. Unfortunately, it does not seem that this knowledge has influenced the way we communicate with our students – either through the words of today’s adults or through the actions of our current educational systems. Those students who struggle in school often hear about their […]

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