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A Moment

Regularly, I’m reminded why we do this work. Today, that happened. And I, watching a session from the side, had to collect myself. For several months, tutors have been working on a “Tutor Read” during training sessions. To push the development of their comprehension skills, we brought a more challenging text into our work with […]

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A Letter to a Mother

After seeing our most recent newsletter, our staff members felt that they had so much left to say about Marchelle’s progress, so I decided to write her mother a letter. Because we’re so proud of Marchelle’s growth, we decided to share that letter here. Ms. C, This week, we highlighted Marchelle’s work in our newsletter. […]

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Announcing: Literacy Carnival, June 8th!

Our tutors do mind-blowing work.  They don’t simply follow a script we create. Instead, they engage their students using creative ideas. They set limits and give hugs.  They instruct, they redirect, and they push. But, sadly, few people get to see it. Since we ask our tutors to be fully responsible for program execution, we […]

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Now, Next, and Next Year

Now that Spring Break is over, we’re truly entering the last stretch of this programming year. With eight weeks remaining, we want to be sure that we accomplish as much as possible with each of our participants. It’s rare that we share the content of our sessions in this space, but we thought some might […]

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