#DoMore(48): The Results

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to our fundraising effort on Thursday (and Friday). During the 48-hour giving period, we received support from 126 donors and raised a total of $15,697. Through the incredible support of the Patricia Kind Family Foundation and the Arronson Foundation, your generosity will be supplemented by $20,000 in matching and challenge grants. As we prepare to expand to a third program site and launch a new summer program, every dollar is important.

Below is a list of the amazing donors that contributed to our successful two-day campaign! We are so very grateful for your support.

** As many of you know, there were a number of technical issues during the event. If you feel like you should be on the list below, but do not see your name, please email info@reachincorporated.org **

Samantha Acunto
Gary & Robin Adler
Jamie Adler
Leonard Adler
Priscilla Adler
Matt & Natalie Alpert
Mike Ambrose
Anonymous (6)
MaryBeth Apriceno
Joseph Bates
Claire Blumenson
Erin & Andrew Brent
Dynesha Brooks
Charlie & Marie Brown
Roann & Tom Brown
Bevin Butler
Leigh Ann Caldwell
Rosie Canizares
Jennie Carey
Randi & George Carr
Kathy Chamberlain
Lisa Christy
Sarah Comeau
Chantelle Cunningham
Raj Darolia & Laura Herring Darolia
Ariann Dershaw Bernstein
Alma Edgerly
Sadie Ellner
Steve Elmendorf
Revi-ruth Enriquez
Matt Essman
Jane & Wally Evans
Eddie Ferrer
Debbie & Joe Fletcher
Josh Friedman
Alejandro Gace-Artigas
Jacqueline Gjurgevich
John Grant
Randi Greenberg & Justin Kieffer
Amy Gusek
Ann Marie Habershaw
Laura Hayman
Diane & Mike Hazel
Donna Hecker
Mark Hecker
Brian Hecker & Alison Pettine
Scott & Beth Hecker
Bob & Genette Henderson
Mike & Beth Herring
Annie Hoffman
Adam & Rachel Hollowell
Lanae & Mike Holmes
Julie Holt
Patricia Hoppey
Meredith Hurt
Taylor Jacobs
Arash Jahanian
Jess & Paul Jameson
Jen & Chris Raszkiewicz
Steve Johnson & Cheryl Bowden
Deva Jones
Meissa Jones
Adrienne Jubb
Julia Judson-Rea
Scott Kelrick
Hilary Kline
Allison Labovitz
Catrina Leak
Paul Leder
Doris & Charles Leeper
Catherine Lewis
Loree Lipstein
Felix Brandon Lloyd and Jordan Lloyd Bookey
Sean & Leslie Loughlin
Anh & David LyJordan
Judy Madden
Lisa & Jon Marcus
Jennifer Marron
Pam Mirsky
Marianne Montalvo
Lynn Montalvo
Lindsey & Chris Moore
Crystal Moore
Jake Moore
Emily Murgia
George & Cathy Murphy
Cheryl Nagelberg
Julie O’Sullivan
Daniel Okonkwo
Beth Orbison
Brian Ovalle
Jusna Perrin
Bethany Robertson
Jack Rogers
Kristi & Peter Ryan
Dianne & Lior Samuelson
Susan Sawyer
Darrell Scott
Francine Serafin
Kaity Shaw
Maureen Smith
Emily Smith
Michael Smith
Connie Souder
Elizabeth Spayd
Dave Sperandio
Dita Verheij
Dawn Vermilya
Eric Waldstein
Meghan Walters
Jen & Michael Werner
Caitlin Wilkinson
Ginny & Geoff Warren
Ashley Wolfington
Greg Wyant
Mike & Missy Young
Eric Young & Linda Fink
Ed Zubrow

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