Thank You.

On this first day of 2014, we want to say thank you to all who supported our work during 2013. It was an incredible year, and we’re very proud of all we accomplished. When Reach started, the budget for our first year was $96,000. We served 0 students in that first year.

ThisĀ  year, we will use our operating budget of $454,800 to serve 130 DC students. For the honor of serving those kids, we thank you. Through the generosity of a growing community of supporters, we raised over $50,000 from individual donors in December. Due to your generosity, we will be donating 1,000 of our teen-authored children’s books to programs serving kids in DC. Because of you, our teens will be able to inspire young readers and future writers throughout the city.

And, while those donations honored our tutors and students, they were also given in honor and memory of many others.

Gifts were given in honor of Craig Auster, Ed Bell, John Brophy, Laura Feiveson & Jaya Mehta, Tom Florence, Josh Friedman & Menaka Kalaskar, Donna Hecker, Erica Matson, Tom Vasquez, Gary Wingo.

Additionally, gifts were given in memory of Jack Miller Moore and Gertrude & Daniel Taylor.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in our tutors and students. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share their talents with the world.

Happy New Year!

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