Reason #1

Reason #1: Napresha, Jordan, and Za’Metria

For the last 10 days, we have been revealing ten reasons to support Reach during DoMore24, a one-day local giving event that takes place June 19th!

Today, we share Reason #1:

At Reach, there is one honor above all others: The Hoodie. Reach tutors can earn promotions based on their performance both in and after school. The highest promotion available, Junior Staff, comes with a Reach staff hoodie. Until now, only two tutors – Rashaan and Kyare – had earned Junior Staff status. Today, three more tutors join this elite group, including our first two female Junior Staff members.

In addition to exceptional performance in the program, each tutor had to submit an essay explaining what it would mean to wear the hoodie.

  • Jordan’s (11th grade, Eastern High) response reflected his personality, quite serious. He spoke of The Hoodie showing that he doesn’t quit and that he is committed to helping others and improving himself. The Hoodie, he said, would show he is responsible and patient.
  • Napresha’s (11th Grade, Perry Street Prep) essay was filled with pride – she learned patience and credited Reach with “holding me together through high school.” Napresha, who hates accepting compliments, said she would proudly tell people she earned The Hoodie through hard work and commitment to her students.
  • Za’Metria’s (10th Grade, Perry Street Prep) response was the most emotional. “Reach isn’t just a program,” she said. “It’s my family.” She continued by telling us that Reach taught her to set goals and work toward them. And, by wearing The Hoodie, Za’Metria says she’ll be reminded that she can achieve her goals through hard work and consistent effort.
Junior Staff

Rashaan & Kyare sporting their Junior Staff hoodies

All of these tutors are leaders, role models, and heroes to the young students they serve. We proudly welcome them as Junior Staff members, and we look forward to presenting them with their hoodies at a ceremony this summer.

Tomorrow, we hope you’ll honor their work by supporting Reach during DoMore24, a one-day giving campaign. We have $20,000 in matching funds to compound the power of your contributions. Give tomorrow, and every dollar will be doubled. Give tomorrow to honor Napresha, Jordan, and Za’Metria. But, most important, give to support the possibility of teen potential unleashed.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter today to see what your generosity does when used to support the amazing young people with whom we get to work. Thank you.


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