Five New Books!

As elementary school reading tutors, our teens noticed that few children’s books reflect their realities. At Reach, we trust teens with real responsibility for things that matter to them. So, when confronted with this challenge, we did what seemed most appropriate: we had our teens write new books.

Last summer, Reach published four children’s books. This fall, in partnership with Shout Mouse Press and Shootback DC, we are publishing five more. Check out the summaries below, and read to the end to find out how you can get advanced copies by supporting our teens today!

In partnership with Shootback DC

The Real DC: A to Z
Ballou – Arveone, Marques, Shamya
Eastern – Fatimah, Neehma, Sean
Perry Street Prep – Napresha, Ricardo

DC A to Z PreviewSo many alphabet books tell the story of the monuments and the national mall. They tell the story of Washington, but our teens wanted to write a book about DC. With teen-taken photos and teen-written text, the alphabet has never been so much fun. C is for Carry Out, G is for Go Go, and Q is for Quadrants. Get ready for a true tour of our city.

In partnership with Shout Mouse Press

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.41.05 PMThe Hoodie Hero
by Ashley (Ballou), Daequan (Perry Street Prep), and Rico (Eastern)
Da’Monte walks home deflated after watching a friend get bullied. Afraid of the confrontation, he did nothing. Wishing he was braver, he confided in his grandmother, who provided a powerful surprise. With a magical hoodie provided by the family matriarch, Da’Monte becomes brave and bold. The bullies better watch out.

Khalil’s Swagtown AdventureScreen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.39.03 PM
by Litzi (Ballou), Kyare (Eastern), Za’Metria (Perry Street Prep)
Khalil is tired of hearing his parents fight. As they scream, he retreats to his closet and begins writing. Beckoned by Khalil’s writing, Khalil’s future self – called Bruh – shows up to provide support. Together, they visit Swagtown and learn how families can communicate better. Armed with strategies and confidence, Khalil emerges from the closet ready to build a better family.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.38.26 PMMariah Finds a Way
by Darrin (Eastern), Makayla (Ballou), Marc (Perry Street Prep)
Mariah really wants to take over her parents’ fruit shop one day, but they don’t think she can do it. Why? Because she’s blind. When her parents leave on vacation, Mariah gets her hands on the keys to the store. With the help of her parrot sidekick, Blue, she shows her parents what she can do. Frustrated by confusing coins and crooks, Mariah must find a way to get the job done.

Princess CoverThe Princess of Fort Hill Shelter
by Darne’sha (Ballou), Karta (Eastern), Zorita (Perry Street Prep)
Meet Princess McKenzie as she shows you around her castle (Fort Hill Shelter). Speaking mostly in verse, McKenzie shows the power of imagination in overcoming difficult circumstances. But, as the reader is introduced to the royal family, it becomes clear that the queen is missing. McKenzie leaves the shelter in search of the queen and finds something far more important.

Publishing books is far from free. You can help by making a contribution today. But, as they say, that’s not all! Your generosity will be rewarded by advanced copies of our newest titles. And, if you don’t have any young readers at home, you can gift your books to your favorite classroom or school.

With your support, we can publish relevant and engaging material that will build enthusiastic readers the world over. Join us by donating today.

The books will be published and distributed in October 2014.

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