2016 Book Grants

Nonprofit organizations spend a lot of time raising money. At Reach, we’ve always thought it important to be generous with our resources as well. During our summer program, our teens have given away more than $7,500 through our Teen Philanthropy Challenge. And, to date, we have given away more than 4,000 of our teen-authored children’s books.

This year, we launched a new process, allowing any DC schools or organizations to apply for book grants. This week, we announced grants of over 2,000 books to 19 local recipient organizations. We’re so excited to announce our first round of grants:

Center City Public Charter School – Capitol Hill. 100 Books.
Books will be given to 2nd and 3rd grade students for use during silent sustained reading each morning.

Center City Public Charter School. 50 Books.
Books may be checked out by students interested in reading them during morning and afternoon reading time.

DC Public Schools Libraries. 324 Books.
Sets of all four 2015 books will be granted to all 81 DC Public Schools libraries serving elementary school readers.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 40 Books.
As part of a community service project, this group is assisting 20 children during their transition into foster care through The Pajama Program.

The Fishing School. 65 Books.
Books will be used as read aloud selections during the organization’s summer program and performed as plays during an annual family literacy night.

Garrison Elementary School. 100 Books.
Students from Howard University are beginning an after-school program and will use these books in their work with elementary school students.

Generation Hope. 50 Books.
Books will be provided to the children of Generation Hope scholars, all teen mothers pursuing a college degree in the DC region.

Inner City Inner Child. 60 Books.
Books will be given to 60 pre-k students enrolled in the organization’s Dancing with Books program.

Jubilee JumpStart. 50 Books.
Books will be used to encourage parents to read at home to their kids, as gifts for pre-k graduates, and as incentives for attendance at parent meetings

King Elementary School. 75 Books.
Books will be used in a burgeoning literacy club that will turn these books into readers theater scripts.

Marie Reed Elementary. 140 Books.
Books will be distributed at a teen author event or at the school’s annual career day.

Nobel Learning Communities. 50 Books.
Books will be distributed to children in various day care classrooms.

Payne Elementary School. 160 Books.
Books will be used as part of the school’s initiative to increase the amount of time students spend reading.

Reading Partners DC. 120 Books.
Books will be used to stock the Take Reading Home Libraries at each of the organization’s reading centers.

Savoy Elementary. 180 Books.
Books will be used to encourage students to think of themselves as authors and to prepare for upcoming reading and writing assessments.

Tubman Elementary. 100 Books.
Books will be distributed to classroom libraries and given to students to build their classroom libraries.

Turning The Page. 180 Books.
Books will be distributed at community nights so that participating families can build their at home libraries and encourage positive literacy practices.

Young Playwrights Theater. 26 Books.
Two sets of our books will be auctioned off at an upcoming event to raise funds to support continued programming in DC schools.

Walker Jones Education Campus. 180 Books.
Books would be distributed at a Family Fun Night during which the school engages students and their families.

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