2017 Book Grants

We are excited to announce our 2017 Book Grants! Due to the incredible financial support received during our end of year campaign, we are granting 2,500 of our teen-authored books to schools and organizations across DC.

A full list of grants is below. Through these grantee partners, we will place the stories created by our teen authors in the hands of the students who need them the most. Thank you for your support in making this possible!

School/Org Name, Applicant (# of books)
Aiton Elementary School, Kesha Lucas (80)
Bridges Public Charter School, Francine Sachetti (136)
Children’s Guild Public Charter School, Danielle Smith (67)
District of Columbia Public Schools, Kate Mester (316)
Drew Elementary School, Jennifer Johnson (140)
Eastern Senior High School, Dominic Dellorso (55)
E.L. Haynes Public Charter School, Jada-Marie Tucker (143)
Generation Hope, Caroline Short (52)
Imagine Hope, Lucy Watson (73)
Ketcham Elementary School, Jamilla Coleman (250)
Little Lights, Mary Park (85)
Marie Reed Elementary School, Jackie Anderson (100)
Orr Elementary School, Jaimee Trahan (119)
Payne Elementary School, Kesha Lucas (144)
Reading Partners (75)
Safe Shores (85)
Savoy Elementary School, Patrick Moran (160)
Simon Elementary School, Patrick Eibel (100)
Truesdell Education Campus, Betsy Hamm (34)
Turning The Page, Talia Crosby (100)
Two Rivers Public Charter School, Cassidy Weitman (68)
Walker Jones Education Campus, Julie Hursey (119)

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