#AlwaysThere: Brittany

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This post is based on an interview with Camila, a student at Payne Elementary School.

She has learned the language well. Her speaking shows evidence of the sentence starters she’s been taught. When asked, “What is your favorite part about working with Brittany?”, she responds, “My favorite part about working with Brittany is…”FullSizeRender(37)

She is quick to explain: “I am from Cartagena.” Her father is a DCPS Spanish teacher. He came last year, and the rest of the family followed this year. Understandably, she wasn’t entirely secure in her English when she started. As she explains it, “Sometimes, people would say words I didn’t know. It made me sad.”

Her name is Camila.

On the first day, our partner teacher noted how shy she was. She still felt more comfortable speaking Spanish. When Brittany heard that, she started speaking to Camila in Spanish. Camila lit up. The teacher said, “See, we found a Reach tutor just for you…”FullSizeRender(39)

According to Camila, Brittany is nice. She has a positive attitude. She is always happy. And, most important, “sometimes, when I finish my work, she lets me play a game on her cell phone.”

No wonder Brittany is so popular.

Brittany didn’t feel like she had done anything special. All she did was speak. But, for one little girl, it was so much more. In a way that the adults in the room couldn’t be, Brittany was #AlwaysThere for Camila.

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