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Through the end of the year, we’ll be sharing stories that demonstrate our year-end campaign theme: #AlwaysThere. It’s what inspires Reach’s work, and it’s what we try to be for our kids. We hope you’ll use #AlwaysThere to tell us your stories using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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This post was authored based on an interview with William Ross, Reach’s Development Manager.

Have you ever had a really bad week? William had just gone through a break-up. He didn’t love his job. He needed a change. And, to make things worse, he had to figure out how to return his ex’s dog, which was currently in Florida with his parents. There was a lot going on. Not much of it was good.

The only bright spot was an upcoming job interview. William was excited about the position and the organization. His interview was just a few days away.

Then, while moving some of his stuff from his ex’s place to his friend’s basement, he slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. It hurt, but he got up and continued with his plans for the day – he was supposed to be at a memorial service for a friend’s father. After the service, William’s neck pain was getting worse, so he visited a nearby urgent care clinic.

The doctor was writing a prescription for painkillers when he decided to do a precautionary x-ray. When he returned to the room, he said only two words. His look was concerned and serious.

Don’t. Move.2137_1492634737258

A nurse followed behind with a neck brace. The doctor informed William: “You broke your neck.” An ambulance ride followed. Within hours, William was admitted to the hospital, and he met the doctor who would be performing surgery on his spine. For almost two days, he was put into spinal traction.

It’s apparently just as comfortable as it sounds.

From his phone, William withdrew from consideration for the job he wanted so badly. He couldn’t go to work for at least a month…and that was assuming everything went well in surgery. He wouldn’t be able to attend the interview.

But, it was at rock bottom that things started changing. He was already scheduled to move into a new place. His friends handled everything. His mom came to stay with him for a few weeks, then took him back to Florida to recover. One of his parents’ neighbors even brought the dog from Florida.

Everyone showed up.

Then, a month later, when he was finally cleared to go back to work, William noticed something. That job was still open. He contacted the employer and discovered they hadn’t yet found the right fit. He returned and, six weeks after he missed an interview due to spinal surgery, William got the job.

For the last five months, William has been Reach’s Development Manager. He’s running the #AlwaysThere campaign for Reach because so many people were #AlwaysThere for him.

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