Announcement: 2018 Book Grants!

We are thrilled to announce our 2018 Book Grants. This spring, we will give away over 2,500 teen-authored books to young readers across the District of Columbia. You can learn about all our books here.

Our newest grantees are listed below (number of books in parentheses):

Black Girls Matter, Lois Void (40)
For use in read aloud sessions each Saturday.

Charles Houston Elementary School, Howard Perkins (140)
For use to increase reading engagement and inspire young readers.

DC Public Schools Libraries, Janet Corson (320)
For placement in all DCPC ES and EC libraries.

DoL Child Developent Center, Jennifer Rancourt (20)
For use in early childhood education classrooms.

Drew Elementary School, Jennifer Johnson (100)
For distribution at the end of the school year to prevent summer slide.

Dunbar High School, Rajeeni Galloway (75)
For use in programs for those with intellectual disabilities and teen mothers 

E.L. Haynes PCS, Brittany Wagner-Friel (101)
For distribution to elementary school readers.

For Love of Children, Tim Payne (200)
For distribution at an annual Book Festival.

HER (an initiative at Sidwell Friends), Zoha Siddiqui (62)
For the creation of a library in the village of Amezray, Morocco.

Inner City-Inner Child, Ingrid Zimmer (200)
For distribution in partner early childhood programs.

Jubilee Jumpstart, Kim Montroll (75)
For use in classrooms and distribution at family engagement events.

KIPP DC: AIM Academy, Ashleigh Rose (22)
For daily out loud reading exercises.

Marie Reed Elementary, Jackie Anderson (100)
For use in a reading program that encourages reading outside of school.

King Elementary, Viki Smith (101)
For distribution to young readers and select school classrooms.

Miner Elementary, Lindsey Jones-Renaud (21)
For inclusion in classroom libraries.

Payne Elementary, Kesha Weeks (132)
For use to ensure every student has access to books at home.

Powell Elementary, Erin Clark (75)
For inclusion in classroom libraries.

Reading Partners, Cielo Contreras (126)
For use in Take Reading Home Libraries at 19 sites across the city.

Safe Shores, Michele Booth Cole (125)
For distribution to clients and use in therapeutic sessions.

Simon Elementary, Sandra Randolph Hardman (164)
For distribution to elementary school students.

Thomas Elementary, Rico McCard (60)
For use in classrooms in which Rico (a Reach alumnus) is an assistant.

Truesdell Education Campus, Betsy Hamm (36)
For a teacher book club aimed at discovering new and diverse texts.

Whittier Education Campus, Tenia Pritchard (105)
For distribution to students so they can read at home.

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