Our Mission


Reach Incorporated develops grade-level readers and capable leaders by preparing teens to serve as tutors and role models for younger students, resulting in improved literacy outcomes for both.

Vision:Trevon2 - HD

When entrusted with real responsibility and held accountable for results, teens who are experiencing significant academic and social challenges engage differently in the educational process and with their community, thereby improving themselves and their world.

Core Beliefs:

We believe every child is able to learn.
We go to the most difficult work and dig in. We aim to support those with the greatest need through the intentional selection of school partners and program participants.

We believe long-term, unconditional relationships matter.
We believe that the deep and trusting relationships amongst our staff, tutors, and students are the key to our success. We play the long game and believe that patience leads to results. And we don’t give up. Ever.

We believe every individual and community can lead change.
We are facilitators, not fixers. We take a strengths-based approach to working with program participants, setting high expectations and trusting them with real responsibility to address pressing social challenges.

We believe in focusing on specific and strategic life stages.
We focus on learning to read by the end of 3rd grade and holistic engagement during high school. By investing at these two key points, we can support those who have been failed while ensuring those younger never fall behind.

We believe learning never ends.
We create stairs, not ceilings. We invest in continuous improvement, for program participants and staff, by celebrating progress, sparking curiosity, and inspiring an interest in ongoing growth.

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