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Channeling Mr. Toms

The return address caught my attention – it read United States Department of the Treasury. On that December morning, we opened that envelope first. At any nonprofit, the end of the year is an exciting time. Checks arrive with greater frequency than any other time of the year. But, when you get something from the […]

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Thank You.

On this first day of 2014, we want to say thank you to all who supported our work during 2013. It was an incredible year, and we’re very proud of all we accomplished. When Reach started, the budget for our first year was $96,000. We served 0 students in that first year. This  year, we […]

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When Jusna Cursed…

“That’s bullshit.” From my mouth, the words would have been unsurprising. I curse liberally, though I try to hold back in front of our tutors and students. Jusna (Reach’s Program Associate for Evaluation & Improvment), on the other hand, never curses. She is the kindest and gentlest person I know. She was, very clearly, angry. […]

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Coming Soon: Teen-Written Books!

For several weeks, you’ve heard us talking about our effort to publish teen-written children’s books. These stories, written during Reach’s summer program are incredible. And, if you’ll humor me, I want to emphasize this point. This is not simply a fundraising effort or an opportunity to get undeserved applause. These are professional quality books. At […]

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Money Talks

Money is a regular topic of conversation in the nonprofit world. We talk about how to raise money. We also talk about sustainability – in the nonprofit world, this generally means revenue stability.  We definitely talk about how we spend our money: overhead vs. programming. It’s less common, however, to talk about where we spend […]

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Andi: The Price We Pay

On Thursday evening at 1:00am, five adults sat in the hallway on the 7th floor of the Holiday Inn in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Having visited Temple University and Arcadia University, we recently sent 13 teenagers to their rooms for the night. While we heard giggling and game playing, we held a staff meeting – we […]

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June 6th: Do More 24

On June 6, 2013, Reach will participate in #DoMore24, a one-day fundraising event powered by the United Way of the National Capital Area. In 24 hours, Reach will compete with other area nonprofits for prizes related to dollars raised and donors engaged. On July 1, Reach launches a new fiscal year. With a growing staff […]

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Announcing: Literacy Carnival, June 8th!

Our tutors do mind-blowing work.  They don’t simply follow a script we create. Instead, they engage their students using creative ideas. They set limits and give hugs.  They instruct, they redirect, and they push. But, sadly, few people get to see it. Since we ask our tutors to be fully responsible for program execution, we […]

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Writing The Future: Mission

In recent weeks, we’ve shared a number of pieces of our recently-adopted strategic plan. First, I shared with you our Core Beliefs, the virtues that will drive our decisions. More recently, I shared our newly-articulated vision, a statement that defines the world to which we would like to contribute. Though both these statements are extremely […]

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Give To The Max: Wall of Honor

Thank you to all those who participated in Give To The Max Day! We brought had 111 donors contribute $10,541. What an amazing day for our tutors and students. A full list of our wonderful Give To The Max donors is below: Jamie Adler Leonard Adler Gary Adler Greta Adler Leslie Adler Megan Aghazadian Natalie […]

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