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You Gave. We’ll Give.

Last month, we launched a challenge. We challenged you to help us raise $75,000 during the month of December. We’re so proud to announce that we raised $97,080. With your generosity, we will be able to support our programs serving readers and leaders in DC schools. And, as promised, because you gave, we’ll give. We will […]

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Five New Books!

As elementary school reading tutors, our teens noticed that few children’s books reflect their realities. At Reach, we trust teens with real responsibility for things that matter to them. So, when confronted with this challenge, we did what seemed most appropriate: we had our teens write new books. Last summer, Reach published four children’s books. […]

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Teens Give Back 2

After weeks of research and practice, six groups of teens stepped up to the microphone last Tuesday night. Teens Give Back, part of Reach’s unique summer program, gives teens the opportunity to be community philanthropists. We give them $3,000. There’s one rule: they have to give it away to charities they select. Teens identify community […]

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Reason #1

Reason #1: Napresha, Jordan, and Za’Metria For the last 10 days, we have been revealing ten reasons to support Reach during DoMore24, a one-day local giving event that takes place June 19th! Today, we share Reason #1: At Reach, there is one honor above all others: The Hoodie. Reach tutors can earn promotions based on […]

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DoMore24: 10 Reasons to Give

#10) We have $20,000 in matching funds. One dollar from you = two dollars for Reach! #9) Your gift will support the second year of our unique summer program, during which 30 teens will author books, make grants to local nonprofits, visit colleges, and read challenging texts. #8) Throughout his life, Brandon has experienced many […]

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Channeling Mr. Toms

The return address caught my attention – it read United States Department of the Treasury. On that December morning, we opened that envelope first. At any nonprofit, the end of the year is an exciting time. Checks arrive with greater frequency than any other time of the year. But, when you get something from the […]

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Thank You.

On this first day of 2014, we want to say thank you to all who supported our work during 2013. It was an incredible year, and we’re very proud of all we accomplished. When Reach started, the budget for our first year was $96,000. We served 0 students in that first year. This  year, we […]

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When Jusna Cursed…

“That’s bullshit.” From my mouth, the words would have been unsurprising. I curse liberally, though I try to hold back in front of our tutors and students. Jusna (Reach’s Program Associate for Evaluation & Improvment), on the other hand, never curses. She is the kindest and gentlest person I know. She was, very clearly, angry. […]

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Coming Soon: Teen-Written Books!

For several weeks, you’ve heard us talking about our effort to publish teen-written children’s books. These stories, written during Reach’s summer program are incredible. And, if you’ll humor me, I want to emphasize this point. This is not simply a fundraising effort or an opportunity to get undeserved applause. These are professional quality books. At […]

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Money Talks

Money is a regular topic of conversation in the nonprofit world. We talk about how to raise money. We also talk about sustainability – in the nonprofit world, this generally means revenue stability.  We definitely talk about how we spend our money: overhead vs. programming. It’s less common, however, to talk about where we spend […]

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