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Let’s Be Honest

Let’s be honest. The mayor is now discussing the expansion of police powers to address a rise in crime. Some say she’s finally doing something. In May, Dior told me her father was murdered. “He got shot in the head,” she said matter-of-factly. There were no press conferences. Our city did not consider it an […]

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A Day in The Life: Ballou 2015

Most of our extended Reach family never have the opportunity to see our kids in action. I’d like to change that and help paint the picture of the typical sights and sounds of a Reach session. My first stop: Ballou Senior High School. This week, our tutors and students researched and organized important information they’d […]

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Reason #1

Reason #1: Napresha, Jordan, and Za’Metria For the last 10 days, we have been revealing ten reasons to support Reach during DoMore24, a one-day local giving event that takes place June 19th! Today, we share Reason #1: At Reach, there is one honor above all others: The Hoodie. Reach tutors can earn promotions based on […]

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DoMore24: 10 Reasons to Give

#10) We have $20,000 in matching funds. One dollar from you = two dollars for Reach! #9) Your gift will support the second year of our unique summer program, during which 30 teens will author books, make grants to local nonprofits, visit colleges, and read challenging texts. #8) Throughout his life, Brandon has experienced many […]

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When Teens Become Trees

A Guest Post by Andi Mirviss, Reach Incorporated Summer Intern Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree is a classic in the American children’s book canon. Its basic vocabulary and approachable drawings create a short story that has meaning far deeper than its simple prose. It tells the story of a boy who, after sharing his childhood with […]

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Another Monday Comes…

Trayvon Martin is dead. George Zimmerman was deemed not guilty. These are the facts. For those of us lucky enough to work with our students during the summer months, we will be asked tomorrow to help make sense of it all. It’s an impossible task: It doesn’t make sense. Seven months ago, I wrote When […]

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Meet Our Student: LeeAnnah

Tears rolling down her face, LeeAnnah walked, head down, three paces behind her brother. He had just delivered the news. Because of testing, her grandmother had arrived early to pick them up. “But my auntie said I could stay!” she protested. Her screams fell on deaf ears. I pulled LeeAnnah to the side and sat […]

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Meet Our Student: Charnell

Charnell was causing problems. For two consecutive sessions, he had been involved in physical altercations with other students. Frustrated, I got an e-mail from our Site Director. “I think we need to ask Charnell to leave the program,” she said. “He’s out of control, and I’m not sure what else we can do.” Our tutoring […]

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Meet Our Student: Abria

When I ask Abria how she’s doing, she generally responds with, “No.” It seems to be her favorite word, regardless of its appropriateness within the conversation being had. Abria makes a game out of saying no. Generally, her tutor, Joyce, does a good job of remaining patient and consistent, ensuring that Abria eventually actually does […]

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Meet Our Student: Aaron

At the beginning of each session, Aaron needs a little guidance to get focused. Once that energy is harnessed, Aaron is a constantly-improving reader. Recently, tutors have been focusing on providing direct feedback to students. Additionally, program instructors have worked to provide appropriate comprehension tools to our tutors. This way, tutors can more explicitly focus […]

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