Director of Development 

Reach Incorporated seeks a Director of Development (DOD) to join the leadership team. Reporting to our Executive Director, the DOD will bring a passion for our issues paired with a high-level of expertise and strategic thinking to generate revenue that will support achievement of Reach’s long-term growth goals.

Director of Programs

Reach Incorporated seeks a Director of Programs to manage our programs, and work with existing staff to ensure effective program delivery. The DoP will collaboratively set vision and project manage each of the four key Program areas to ensure to alignment across these pillars. The DoP will support the development of curriculum, plan for the assessment of teens and elementary students and work collaboratively with the full Program team to monitor and measure the effectiveness. 

Summer Leadership Academy Lead/Program Coordinator

Reach Incorporated, an award-winning out-of-school-time program in the District of Columbia seeks a Summer Leadership Academy/Program Coordinator (the “SLA Coordinator”) to support our innovative work preparing teens to serve as elementary school literacy tutors and community role models. The Coordinator is a critical orchestrator of several of the key pillars of Reach’s work. The Coordinator provides oversight, intervention and real-time answers to problems. The Coordinator is an innovator who encourages program excellence by supporting ongoing alignment within and between Reach’s key programs.

Operations Coordinator

Reach seeks an Operations Coordinator (the “Ops Coordinator”) to support our innovative work. The Ops Coordinator will oversee critical elements of Reach’s operations and will work closely with a team of diverse, committed, and motivated team members. Connecting people, programs, and resources, the Ops Coordinator ensures that all Reach staff and participants feel supported across all programs.

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