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Program Instructor

Job Summary

Reach Incorporated, an award-winning out-of-school-time program in the District of Columbia, seeks enthusiastic Program Instructors to lead our After-School Tutoring Program. The Program Instructor (PI) plays a vital role in leading tutor training sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and supervising our teen tutors’ work with their elementary school students on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


The goal of the PI is two-fold:

  • Support our innovative work preparing teens to serve as elementary school literacy tutors and community role models

  • Ensure that the learning is both meaningful and fun


The PI must be an exceptional relationship-builder, able to connect deeply with participants to promote engagement in our program. On training days, the Program Instructor is a dynamic facilitator, who makes the curriculum interesting and relevant for our teen tutors. On tutoring days, the PI is an intentional coach, able to support our teens as they become effective elementary school literacy tutors.  


The PI serves as the team's eyes and ears, capturing stories and data from both school partners and participants. Ongoing training and professional development is provided to ensure PIs feel supported and effective at the job. PIs report to Site Managers, full-time staff members committed to ensuring the PIs success. 

In Reach’s first decade, the organization has built a strong reputation and secured national honors. As Reach begins its second decade, the team is focused on creating an exceptional experience for all employees and program participants. Only through the creation of a high-performing team can we demonstrate that teens – even those who arrive in high school with significant academic and social challenges – can become academically successful and economically mobile.


Do you want to be part of that? If so, send a cover letter and resume to


If you plan to apply, you are encouraged to watch this 9-minute video showing a year in the life of Reach's work. This will allow you to see the program in action and understand our after-school tutoring model more fully. 


Pay starts at $18/hour. Instructors must be available Monday-Thursday from 3:30-5:30 in the afternoon.


Essential Functions

Support Tutors (25%)

  • Model good instruction when leading tutor-training sessions.

  • Coach tutors in providing effective literacy instruction.

  • Build relationships with tutors.

  • Assess tutor performance using Reach’s point system.

  • Use available funds to plan at least two tutor outings during the year.


Supervise Tutoring Sessions (25%)

  • Ensure that tutors are leading tutoring sessions.

  • Build positive program culture at the elementary school.

  • Address tutor/student behavior or learning challenges that hinder instruction and/or student progress.


Prepare for Program Sessions (20%)

  • Prepare for all sessions by reviewing the curriculum.

  • Prepare any materials needed for program sessions.

  • Ensure all necessary supplies are available.

  • Participate in staff training and individual meetings to improve practice.


Contribute to Program Improvement (20%)

  • Provide feedback, when requested, on opportunities for program improvement.

  • Submit attendance and other qualitative data to Reach on a weekly basis.


Parent Engagement (10%)

  • Communicate with program parents to report participant progress.

  • Record all parent contacts in Reach database.


Ideal Candidate

  • An undergraduate student, graduate student, part-time worker, or freelancer with specific interest in education, counseling, and/or youth development.

  • An energetic relationship builder with prior experience working with students with academic challenges.

  • An independent-minded advocate passionate about ensuring high-quality after-school programming.

  • An enthusiastic practitioner interested in supporting student growth – both directly and indirectly – through out-of-school-time programming.

  • A solution-oriented problem solver with interest in exploring creative approaches to teaching and learning.

  • Experience working with adolescents is strongly preferred.


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