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Each year, in partnership with Shout Mouse Press, some of our teens get the chance to become published authors. As part of the Summer Leadership Academy, they tell their own stories.








These diverse narratives give a glimpse of life through the teens’ eyes. Titles like Deena Misses Her Mom, about a child dealing with her mother’s incarceration, and The Hoodie Hero, which tackles bullying, give teens a chance to create characters that young readers feel connected to.


Not only do our teens get to add the word “author” to their resume, but Reach goes on to use these stories to motivate and inspire the young students in the After-School Tutoring program. Every year Reach is honored to give away 2,500 books to schools and organizations in Washington, D.C. that serve students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to appropriate and relevant texts.

 Author Spotlight: Camal

Camal is a junior at Coolidge High School with big plans for the future. He wants to study abroad in The Gambia, earn a civil engineering degree, and make millions as an entrepreneur. A natural networker, Camal recently created a LinkedIn account so he can stay connected with everyone he meets. And, Camal now has something new to add to his profile: published author. His book, Game of Pharaohs, is a twist on a traditional comic book and features characters and a message he hopes his students will love.

Meet Camal

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We recruit, train, and hire teens experiencing social and academic challenges to serve as tutors for elementary school students facing challenges of their own.

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