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2019 Scholarship Finalist: Shawma

Shawma is a Ballou senior, a member of Reach's Leadership Council, and a recipient of The Hoodie, Reach's highest honor. She has taken advantage of every Reach opportunity - except the summer program, because she's spent the last two summers studying in Japan and at Duke University.

Shawma is a talented writer who is considering a career in journalism. She certainly has a lot to say. In her essay, she explained, "If it wasn't for Reach, I wouldn't be who I am today."

Congratulations to Shawma, one of six finalists for our 2019 Reach Scholarships. Stay tuned all week to meet the other finalists and learn how Reach has positively influenced their lives. Support our seniors through the #ReachTurns10 campaign by making a gift today!

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