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The Reach Fellowship


When celebrating Reach's tenth anniversary, we did a deep dive into our first decade of results. Reach alumni showed strong results related to reading growth, high school graduation, and college success. But, the results for teens who participated in Reach for at least two years were extraordinary. 100% of teens graduated from high school and college persistence rates were five times the city average. So, we asked: How do we get more of our teens to remain in the program for at least two years?


The Reach Fellowship is our answer to that question.


The Fellowship packages our existing programs within a unifying structure that gives students a way to go beyond their normal engagement with Reach. As part of The Fellowship, students in our core after-school program can earn larger stipends by progressing through four defined levels that map to key college or career readiness milestones. In addition, tutors who complete The Fellowship will be eligible to access support for the transition to college or career. You can see our current Fellowship Roadmap here.



Make a contribution today!


Allow a teen to shadow you at your job - especially careers in medicine, veterinary sciences, real estate, forensic sciences, and hospitality. Want to help? Email

What do our teens need to know to succeed in careers? Have an idea for a professional development session you could lead? Email

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