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We're ready to help.

Every day, Reach teens are focused on realizing their immense potential as helpers

while providing younger readers with the time, attention, and resources they need to

thrive in school and beyond. Below, you will find an assortment of learning opportunities

- those created by Reach and those we just think you might enjoy!

Reach Books

The Airplane Effect: by Marc, Sasha, Angelo, and Sean


  • Activity: Can you draw your ideal indoor playroom? What would it look like and what kind of toys or activities would you have?



Money Marcus: by Anaya, Talik, and Dewan


  • Activity: Make a list of the first ten things you would buy if you won the lottery!

** You can find additional online story books by Reach teens here. More being

added as we're able to get them recorded and produced.**

Instructional Videos

Reach at Home: Memory

Watch this video to learn how a simple childhood game can become a tool for the development of word knowledge and literacy skills.

Memory Word Lists

Resources for Kids

Trombone Shorty read by Angela Bassett

Read Along with Michelle Obama: The Gruffalo

Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes

Reading Games from PBS Kids

Shared Reading Library from our friends at Everybody Wins DC!

Make It! DIY Projects from KID Museum


Write. Right. Rite. with Jason Reynolds (Library of Congress)

Financial Literacy Activities (The Mint)

SAT Prep (Khan Academy)

Creating a Good LinkedIn Profile (LinkedIn)

101 Drawing Tutorials

Resources for Teens

Do you have ideas for resources that we should be sharing?

Learn more about our other programs


Summer Leadership Academy

College and 

Career Prep

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