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For tutors, The Reach Hoodie is the organization’s highest honor. Receiving it – like it was for R.E.L. - is often an emotional moment. In the eleven years since Reach’s founding, only twenty teens have earned a hoodie. Like the teens that receive this honor, donors that give on a monthly or quarterly basis provide consistent leadership in creating the world our kids deserve. That's why we call our recurring donors The Hoodie Heroes!

Become a Hoodie Hero today!

When completing the form, be sure to check the box to make it a recurring gift

Reach's Hoodie Heroes

Tom & Anna Bartlett

Lauren Berlacher & Michael Ferguson

Joe Breslin & Dana Mittelman

Randi Carr

Marie Cohen

Alma Edgerly

Jane & Wally Evans

Josh Friedman

John Grant

Kimberly Hanauer

Judy Harvey & Matt Henjum
Brian Hecker

Donna Hecker

Mark Hecker & Elizabeth Spagnoletti-Hecker

Lanae & Mike Holmes

Bevin & David James

Karin Johanson

Melissa Jones

Joey & Rebecca Katona

Jon & Ligia Markman

Laura & Marc McKenna

Luke & Caroline Reinke

Bill & Cindy Ross

Kristi & Peter Ryan

Mike & Molly Smith
Marc Spagnoletti

Donna Suchmann

Kelsey Tarzia

Eric Waldstein

Carol Wilner

Gary & Anne Wingo

Gail Wolling

Caitlin & Greg Wyant

Mike & Missy Young

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