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2019 Scholarship Finalist: Ebony

Ebony has been a positive presence in our program at Dunbar High School, working both at Walker Jones and Center City - Shaw. She regularly takes advantage of the opportunities presented to her and has built strong relationships with adults at Reach. She even encouraged her brother to join Reach when he arrived at Dunbar last year!

In addition to her work tutoring with Reach, Ebony has been part of our Summer Leadership Academy and our College Mentorship Program. In her scholarship competition essay, Ebony wrote that, "I now know I can be a big help and that I can influence others."

Congratulations to Ebony, one of six finalists for our 2019 Reach Scholarships. Stay tuned all week to meet the other finalists and learn how Reach has positively influenced their lives. Support our seniors through the #ReachTurns10 campaign by making a gift today!

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