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2019 Scholarship Finalist: Temil

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Four years ago, Temil barely spoke. She generally did what was asked of her, but rarely contributed to our sessions at Beacon House. Since then, she’s grown tremendously. She’s now the author of four books, including two Reach children’s books - Spanky The Pup and Tyrell's Big Move. And, she’s become a leader of our work at Beacon House. As a senior at Dunbar High, Temil is ready for what comes next.

When asked why Reach mattered, she said: Now I’m known as ‘the outstanding girl who co-authored four books.’

Congratulations to Temil, one of six finalists for our 2019 Reach Scholarships. Stay tuned all week to meet the other finalists and learn how Reach has positively influenced their lives. Support our seniors through the #ReachTurns10 campaign by making a gift today!

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