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#AlwaysThere: Max

Max Milder, EAB Employee & Reach College Mentor (Campaign Progress: $14,500 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

When Randy needed help to continue his college education, he was there. When Doc needed to grind through those college applications – and later, when Doc received his Junior Staff Hoodie – he was there. When Ms. Kim needed help recruiting new mentors for our College Mentorship Program, he was there.

Max is literally #AlwaysThere.

A former middle school teacher, Max Milder now works at EAB, a higher ed consultancy that was previously part of the Advisory Board Company. EAB has been the lead partner in our efforts to support Reach's college-going teens. Using the enthusiasm of EAB employees and the research capacity of the company, we are working to help our teens make smarter college decisions. And, from the beginning, Max has been our most dedicated volunteer. In fact, he is the only volunteer that has taken on a mentee in each of our first two cohorts.

Randy is now a sophomore at Penn State – Altoona, and he remains in touch with Max, who is now a trusted resource when Randy finds himself stressed or confused about anything college related. Additionally, Max is working with Doc, a current senior at Dunbar Senior High School, who has already collected several college acceptances. These young men have both benefited from Max’s support and guidance.

And, Reach has too. When we stood up our College Mentorship Program, we had much to learn. Max has provided consistent feedback, and he was a very significant contributor to the improvement of the program between the first and second cohorts. As we prepare for the upcoming launch of Cohort 3, Max is recruiting mentors and assisting Reach at EAB information sessions. (Shameless Plug: Interested in being a college mentor for one of our kids? Email for more information. One day, you could be like Max!)

We’re thankful that Max has been #AlwaysThere for Randy, for Doc, and for our burgeoning College Mentorship Program. In that spirit, and in honor of all those featured in our #AlwaysThere campaign, we hope you’ll consider making a gift to get us closer to our $200,000 end of year goal.

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