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#AlwaysThere: Mike Young

(Campaign Progress: $140,218 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

Mike (left) with Kyare, a Reach alumnus.

On March 22nd, 2010, we made an announcement that Mike Young would be joining Reach’s Board of Directors. After being introduced by a mutual friend (thanks Sadie!), Mike and I started meeting monthly to discuss the challenges of starting and running a nonprofit organization. After several meetings, we awkwardly admitted our mutual interest in bringing Mike onto Reach’s board. And, shortly after that, he became the first person to join Reach’s board because of his commitment to the idea (rather than some connection to me).

Soon, Mike became Reach’s first Board Chair. He’s been in that position ever since.

Before we had even started serving kids (that started in September 2010), Mike was #AlwaysThere for Reach. He has been a support for the board and the staff, an evangelist for the model, and an invaluable thought partner for me.

I have lots of ideas, and the world is a better place because Mike only let about 30% of them make it out of our monthly meetings.

But, more than anything, Mike is here because of the kids. During his time on our board, Mike has been a regular volunteer at both King and Ketcham elementary schools. And that's entirely separate from his work with Reach (though they are both Reach schools!). He doesn’t just ask about our programs, he asks about our kids…by name.

And that’s why we’re so lucky to have him.

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