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#AlwaysThere: Week 5 Donors

(Campaign Progress: $174,047 Raised from 148 individual donors)

As our campaign comes to a close, we'd like to thank those that gave in the final week of our campaign. We were able to raise over $170,000 from individual donors to support Reach's continued work. You can also go back and see the donors from Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4. We are grateful for each of you and thank you for believing in our important work.

Deena Barlev & Robert King

Flynn & Brit Barrison

Caroline Dixon Bartman

Meredith Cheng

Bob & Carol Christiansen

James & Claire Cooper

Laurie & Zack Cooper

Monica & David Dixon

Alma Edgerly *

Rick Edson

Matt & Lauren Emery

Revi-ruth Enriquez-Cohen & David Cohen

Paul Erickson

Jane & Wally Evans *

Josh Friedman *

David Folds

Amy Gonce

Tom & Kate Grant

Mike & Diane Hazel

Donna Hecker *

Bodo & Ann Heiliger

Jeremy Herte

Karin Johanson

Deva Jones

Melissa Jones *

Randi & Justin Kieffer

Matt & Kara King

Catherine Lewis

Katie & Erik Lundgren

Nicole & Michael Majestic *

Matthew Mazur

Dan & Bayley McKenna

Mike & Elza McKenna

Nupur Mehta & Laura Feiveson

Kay Merseth

Niki Mock & Phil Liebovitz

Marian Perrin

Jonathan Puth & Mira Courpas

Jack Rogers

Marshall Roslyn

Linda Sankanung

John Sener

Ann & Irwin Sentilles

Clare Sierawski & John Kaufman

Amy Stolls

Bob Tomasko & Brenda Turnbull

Evelyn Thorton

Timothy & Naomi Tyre

Carol Wilner *

Charles Wilson

Greg & Caitlin Wyant

Sally Yates

Rick Young & Linda Fink

Ed Zubrow

* Monthly or Quarterly Donor

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