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#AlwaysThere: Weeks & Montes

$97,846 of $200,000 raised.

Two years ago, we featured Kamila (whose name we apparently spelled wrong, see photo), a student from Payne Elementary, during our #AlwaysThere campaign. She had connected with her tutor, Brittany, when they were able to speak Spanish to each other, making tutoring sessions far more comfortable for the young reader. When we posted the story on Instagram, Kamila’s father responded: “Thank you for everything!”

Kamila had been identified, and her positive experience relayed, by Mrs. Weeks, our Liaison Teacher at Payne. At Reach, the Liaison Teacher position is an important one. We contract with a teacher at each elementary school. That person becomes our programmatic partner – recruiting students, getting them to session, and helping us become part of the school community. When Mrs. Weeks became our Liaison Teacher, we knew she got it. At the time, her niece was one of our tutors.

Though she works in an elementary school, Mrs. Weeks gets teens. She connects with them easily and – through her training as a school psychologist – she understands adolescent development in a way that allows them to thrive in an elementary school community.

But this year, at Payne, we expanded. So, we needed a second Liaison Teacher. Mrs. Weeks knew exactly who to ask…Kamila’s dad, a teacher at the school. Though his daughter has aged out of our program, Mr. Montes is in his first year as part of the Reach community.

Like Brittany was #AlwaysThere for Kamila, we know that our Payne Liaison Teachers have been #AlwaysThere for Reach.

All this month, we will be sharing stories about members of the Reach community that are #AlwaysThere for the organization and those we serve. Mrs. Weeks and Mr. Montes are both members of the staff at Payne Elementary School.

Make a gift here to support our 2020 #AlwaysThere campaign.

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