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#AlwaysThere: Gigi & Geornae

Ms. Deborah was running behind schedule. The Program Instructor for our Anacostia/Boone cohort, she usually arrived early to set up the classroom and greet her students as they entered. On this afternoon, though, she’d been held up at her other job. This meant that she would get to the classroom just as program was beginning. It wasn’t a big deal, but it was annoying. She knew she’d have to spend the first few minutes of session getting organized instead of getting started.

But when she arrived, she was surprised to discover that everything was ready to go: tutor manuals were on the tables, pens were distributed, and teens were finding their seats. In her absence, 10th graders Gigi and Geornae had stepped up. And, thanks to their leadership and initiative, session would run as smoothly as ever.

Since joining Reach this September, Gigi and Geornae have already earned promotions – and it’s easy to see how. Certain tutors are able to set the tone for the entire cohort. Mature, respectful, and possessing a strong sense of purpose, these two friends have done just that. They routinely lead activities and encourage thoughtful conversations during training sessions. Their patience with younger students inspires and encourages the other tutors. They exude positivity, dependability, and enthusiasm. And now, the entire Anacostia/Boone cohort does too.

Gigi and Geornae are #AlwaysThere for their students and fellow tutors…and for Ms. Deborah, too. They’re always ready to lend her a hand – whether it’s arriving early to help set up, staying late to clean up, or the many other moments in between. Sometimes, Ms. Deborah doesn’t even have to ask for help. Gigi and Geornae just know what needs to be done, and they do it.

All this month, we will be sharing stories about members of the Reach community that are #AlwaysThere for the organization and our program participants. Gigi and Geornae are both 10th grade students at Anacostia High School. They've both earned promotions to the Reach Leadership Council through their work at Boone Elementary.

Make a gift here to support our 2020 #AlwaysThere campaign.

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