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#AlwaysThere: Kashmere

(Campaign Progress: $139,115 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

Kashmere (right) showed her leadership at our Teen Philanthropy Challenge, leading her team to an honorable mention finish and a $250 grant for her team's selected charity.

It was the final day of our summer program, and one of our Teen Philanthropy Challenge teams was on the verge of collapse. A team of six participants – they had worked together all summer to prepare a pitch on behalf of a local charity – was down to just three due to absence and sickness. Without the entire team, many would have quit.

Kashmere didn’t quit. And she convinced her two teammates to come with her. Dreonna, Moselle, and Kashmere grabbed the notecards their teammates had created and earned $250 for their charity.

About a month later, Kashmere became a mother. Though she missed the beginning of her senior year at Anacostia High, she made sure we were ready for the start of the school year. She sent her brother.

This year, Kyron joined us as a new tutor at Ketcham Elementary, his old elementary school (and boy were they glad to see him!).

A couple months later, Kashmere was back by his side, supporting Ketcham tutors each Tuesday and Thursday.

Kashmere was #AlwaysThere for the charity her team chose, she’s been #AlwaysThere for Reach, her child, and her brother. We’re so proud of her growth, and we can’t wait to see where she goes.

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