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#AlwaysThere: Ms. Kendall

(Campaign Progress: $139,115 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

Three years ago, we began work at H.D. Woodson Senior High School. It was our first site in DC’s Ward 7. Getting into the school wasn’t easy – the principals at both our high school partner and the nearby elementary school were very protective of their kids. But, when we got started, they knew that their kids were in good hands.

Ms. Kendall is in her third year as a program instructor. She guides a group of H.D. Woodson tutors in their work at Drew Elementary School. Always fully prepared for each session, her tutors know that she means business. Ms. Kendall provides firm guidance, but she expects her teens to take responsibility for running sessions. Trevon, Jada, Emilio, Salace, Janaisa…the list goes on. Many of our teens have been proud to be part of Ms. Kendall’s team. Trevon even was once the commencement speaker at Drew!

And this year, we see Takia emerging as an exceptional leader at Drew. Bryce and several others are impressing us as well. And we know that much of that is due to the Ms. Kendall’s intentional guidance. She is #AlwaysThere for her cohort, and they respond.

Each year, Reach gives program instructors a budget to create experience for their tutors. These can be meals, museum tours, adventures, or cultural experiences. Anything that gives tutors new opportunities to get to know Reach staff and the peers they work with each day. And, with the support of her Site Manager, Ms. Linsey, Kendall has created some great opportunities for her tutors to participate in service opportunities. As she serves our teens, and they serve their students, they also learn about service to the larger community (pictured, Ms. Kendall and Takia working at a food bank during this holiday season).

We’re so glad that Ms. Kendall is part of our team. I think her tutors are, too.

With a few days to go, we are 70% of the way to our #AlwaysThere campaign goal. If you think our work is important, consider making a gift today.

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