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#AlwaysThere: The Givens Sisters

You may have seen Shatyia on the news this week. She appeared on Fox5 to talk about her new book, Breonna Marches Through Time. But, Shatyia is part of a package deal. She’s just one of the Givens sisters.

During our recent Book Release Party, Shatyia was honored as one of our newest authors. At the same time, we saw celebratory comments in the chat from both her mother and Natalia, her sister. Their excitement was clear. Shatyia showed up with a squad. The first time Shatyia popped up on the screen, Natalia was immediately in the chat, “THAT’S MY SISTER” followed by a line of heart emojis.

Shatyia was actually the one that first learned about Reach, but she immediately encouraged her sister to apply, too. When they learned they had both been hired, they were ecstatic. They’ve been leaders in our HD Woodson – Burrville cohort ever since. Both earned promotions to our Leadership Council as quickly as is possible (though Natalia’s point total was slightly higher).

The siblings we work with don’t always get along. But the Givens sisters are different. When asked what she likes about her sister, Shatyia said, “her bright personality, charisma, goofiness, style, smile, ambition, and determination.”

The Givens sisters aren’t the same – Natalia wants to be a therapist and Shatyia wants to join the military. But, they have similar attributes – commitment, loyalty, positivity, and kindness. That’s what makes them great tutors…and great sisters. It’s clear that the successes achieved by each of them are felt by both of them. The Givens sisters are #AlwaysThere for each other.

We’re so glad they’re part of our community!

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