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#AlwaysThere: Twins

(Campaign Progress: $116,724 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

Kairon, as a 9th grade tutor.

For their entire lives, they had been together. In fact, the only time that Kairea and Kairon had done something separately was when Kairon joined Reach as a 9th grader. Kairea wasn’t interested…but he was often around. He eventually introduced himself and started showing up at events. Then, the following year, Kairea was back next to his brother - now working as a Reach tutor. All was right with the world.

Their peers at Beacon House called them both by the same nickname, “Twin.”

We wondered what the first year of college would be like. Kairon started at Virginia State, while Kairea was 3.5 hours away at Morgan State. Kairon, when we saw him today, acknowledged that, “it’s hard. I’m so used to him always being right there next to me.”

But, Kairon is finding success as a freshman at Virginia State University. And, today, he achieved Reach’s ultimate success. After five years as part of our community, Kairon earned his Reach Hoodie. We’re so proud that he’s become the newest member of this very selective group.

Kairon knows what #AlwaysThere means. His brother has always been there for him. And, they were there for each other as they became two of the most improved participants in our program’s history. Congratulations Kairon. I’m sure Kairea is proud, too.

Do you want to help us make this work possible? Please make a contribution to our end-of-year #AlwaysThere campaign. And, if you already have, please share these stories to help amplify the stories we’re telling this month.

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