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#AlwaysThere: Week 1 Donors

($11,071 Raised on $200,000 Goal as of 11/30/2019)

One week into our five-week campaign, we are 5% of the way to our goal. Thank you to the incredibly generous donors listed below. We hope that, inspired by the #AlwaysThere campaign, you'll share our stories to introduce more people to our work. Thank you!

Sarah Brandel Duane Bowers

Corinne Cannon

Randi Carr

Katherine Congleton

Jane & Wally Evans

Josh Friedman

Kate Ginty & Craig Irrgang

John Grant

Brian Hecker

Donna Hecker

Scott & Beth Hecker

Genette & Bob Henderson

Melissa Jones

Jamie Kaplan & Suzanne Meeker Matthew Korn & Cynthia Miller

Mary Kwak

Beth Laufenberg

Loree Lipstein

Felix Brandon Lloyd & Jordan Bookey Lloyd

Judy & Brian Madden

Rebecka Manglanathan

Anne Marble

Debbie and Dante Marcolina

Emily McQueen

Emily-Anne Patt

Jen & Chris Raszkiewicz

Rahel Tamrat

Ginny & Geoff Warren

Greg & Caitlin Wyant

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