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#AlwaysThere: Marc

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Marc Gaskins, Ballou Senior High School '16, Paul Quinn College '20 ($1,500 Raised on $200,000 Goal)

In June, Marc texted me. His brother had been shot*, he told me. Survival wasn’t certain. When we asked what we could do to help, Marc’s request was simple: “I need a job this summer.” We were a little confused, but he went on to explain that he needed something to keep him focused on his future – one he hopes will involve a career in the restaurant industry. He would not be knocked off track.

We helped Marc find an opportunity at BlueJacket, part of Neighborhood Restaurant Group. He loved it. This fall, Marc's restaurant experience and the interview skills he learned with Reach helped him land a coveted internship with Ampex Brands. This paid internship is part of his unique, work college experience at Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas.

Through all his tough times, Marc has known that Reach is #AlwaysThere for him. When his first high school closed, when his continued college enrollment wasn't certain, and when family trauma could have derailed him, Reach was there. Because of Marc's determination and Reach's support, Marc is thriving. And that’s why his story is the one that will launch this year’s #AlwaysThere campaign. Between now and the end of the year, we will raise $200,000 from individual donors to support our work with young people in DC.

We hope you will encourage your friends to engage with us on social media or visit us at We’ll be sharing stories like Marc’s, demonstrating the true power of Reach’s commitment and community. Today, we start at $1,500. To make a contribution, click on the yellow Donate Now button in the upper right corner. Check back often to see how we're doing toward our $200,000 goal.

* On Thursday, Marc's brother will undergo his (hopefully final) surgery. His recovery has been successful, thus far.

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